the task...

To re-imagine learning using IxD Technology.

our problem statement...

Cook with Mi is an online app that is designed to help people learn how to cook that will boost their motivation and confidence in the kitchen. It utilises video tutorials and simple instructions to help guide the user through each step of the recipe. It also features the ability to find a recipe based on the ingredients that are currently present which helps minimise food wastage.

We have observed that current competitors don't facilitate beginner cooks who are inexperienced with handling kitchen utensils. This is demonstrated with the website ‘Recipe.com’ and mobile app ‘supercook’ as they are targeted towards people who are already familiar with cooking. It utilises complex cooking terminology whose true aim is to create the dish, instead of focusing on personal development for the individual.

This lack of consideration towards beginner cooks creates fear among a potential market causing them to lose confidence and motivation to continue cooking. This is further exemplified as it convinces more beginners to eat outside or frozen products, leading to food wastage with ingredients in the pantry. Thus, it is imperative that beginner cooks are given an easy and simple path towards working on their cooking skills that focuses on personal growth and development, which will slowly improve their confidence and motivation to cook.

With our app, our customers will be successful based on discovering users thoughts and feelings on the app, through app store and social media reviews. This will help gauge how satisfied customers are with the app’s ability to help them improve in the kitchen and whether it has had an impact on their cooking ability. Furthermore, we will be monitoring and analysing the data generated by the app, based on the user’s interaction through the use of Google Analytics to track the bounce rate of the recipe instructions. Application performance monitoring measures the app in real time and collates the data to a useful dashboard, allowing it to track the UI response time and popularity of features in the app through request rates.

Sprint 1


Solution Analysis

User Assumptions


Hypothesis Table


Sprint 2

Idea Pivot

Features Brainstorm

Logo Prototypes

Lo-fi Prototype

Sprint 3

Mid-fi Prototype

Prototype Demo

Sprint 4

Hi-fi Prototype

Sprint 5

Final Prototype and Demo